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The Meaning of Life is to Find Your Gift. The Purpose of Life is to Give it Away. —Unknown
What is an Ikigai?
Ikigai is a Japanese life philosophy that is centered around your purpose in life. Ikigai is what drives us to get up in the morning. It is the fire that burns in all of us. In some, it burns clearly and distinctly, in others it may be smoldering calm. Finding your ikigai is about finding your fire and what keeps you alive. It is the search for meaning in what we are doing with our lives. Ask yourself these four questions. Take your time and reflect deeply. Now after answering try to find the middle ground between all four spaces. That is your ikigai.
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I. What You Are Good At:
Creating Content, Video Editing, & Simplifying Fitness & Habits, Eye for Design. Typography & Animation
II. What You Love:
I Love Fitness, Life/Presence, Creativity & Art, Innovation, Technology. Personal Growth
III. What The World Needs:
Direction after they Graduate High School & College. A Personal Support & Accountability System. A Means of Mastering Their Habits
III. What You Can be Paid For:
Creating Notion Templates, Helping People Better Engage with Their Communities
IV. What Your Ikigai May Be
Corporate Video Editor, Life Coach, Digital Creator, Author
🟧 V. Ikigai Refinement.
Welcome to the Ikigai Refinement System, which allows you to plot in all your ideas to test whether or not they are Ikigai-worthy. Remember, finding your ikigai is not an instant discovery, but a journey. Some people never find it throughout an entire lifetime. But we can do our best.
How-to: Click on +New. Rate your ideas from 0-10 in relation to the four listed categories. The database will then give you a suggestion, and your ikigai will appear on your right hand side.
1) Does this make me happy? → From 0-10 how happy would this make you?
2) Am I good at this? → How good are you from 0-10 at this?
3) Can I get paid for this → IMPORTANT: How LIKELY is it that you will get paid for this. This is NOT ONLY how much you will get paid.
4) Does the world need this? → Is this actually needed in the world? eg. doctors may be more needed than performance artists...
Short Term Goals:
  • I will finish setting up the digital brain portion of the daily flow template so I can release it on Aug 2nd.
  • I will maintain an elite level of self-discipline, creative momentum, and genuine confidence by being my most authentic self, living at my edge, and giving my creative gifts away fully
  • I am establishing new levels of spiritual abundance, peace, and understanding in my life
Long Term Goals:
  • I will get verified on all the main social media platforms
  • I will lean into systems that can create leverage in my life like content, creative team, social media managers, intelligent ai creative software, and creating digital assets
  • Generate wealth via my expanding my creative agency and helping others through my brand
Extreme Long Term Goals:
  • Have some investments in large amounts of raw materials like gold
  • Establish a non-profit organization to nurture creativity in young adults and provide equipment like cameras, lights, computers, and software licenses for the next generation of builders
  • Create generational wealth via cash-flowing real estate investment properties and automated eCommerce operations with the right connections
Your Reason Why:
(Here are a few that I am aligned with that you can use for yourself. That’s right you don’t need to have just one reason WHY you do what you do. this will change as you grow anyways, so don’t overthink this step)
To live life masterfully. To Design my life intentionally. To do more of the things bring me joy. To embody the kaizen way of living. To use my creative gifts fully in service of others. To realize my potential. To lead a life without regrets because I did all the things that mattered to me, to the best of my abilities. To help people solve the biggest problems that I have been able to overcome in my life’s experience. Or maybe you already have a niche of interest you are passionate about and already see yourself in. Figure out how you can solve problems for the people that share those similar interests and you will be deeply rewarded.

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