Pick A Few Mentors

In 2022 it is no longer necessary for us to have to pay thousands of dollars for a course or a 1 on 1 mentorship. Education is free and it is a powerful practice to be intentional with who you pick as the online mentors that you will be learning from daily.

Here are some mentors I’d like to introduce you to.

Motivation + Self-Belief - Evan Carmichael
The Secret (Introduction to the Law of Attraction) - Rhonda Byrne
Habit Mastery (Atomic Habits Book) - James Clear
Become Effective - #MAXOUT (Free Booklet for Elite Performance just pay shipping) - Ed Mylett
Mindfulness (Headspace) - Andy Puddicombe
Social Media Posting Inspiration - Gary Vaynerchuck
Personal Branding - Dain Walker
Visual Philosophy & Design - Jack Butcher
Better Life Challenge - Dean Graziosi
Mindset + NLP - Tony Robbins